Yes, the vehicle security system provided by I-Track, presently operates in almost all cities and towns where there is a GSM network.

Should the I-Track unit become inoperative or is faulty by reason of defective components, workmanship or design within 12 months from the initial installation; I-Track will repair or replace the system, free of charge. This warranty does not apply if the I-Track unit has been tampered with, or worked on by anyone other than I-Track authorized personnel, or if the vehicle has been involved in a collision

Yes, I-Track products can be installed in all brands like Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

The data provided by you on the registration form is stored in our database
Yes, if you are the owner of the unit, you may request it to be transferred to any one of your vehicles. Only standard cost for removal and re-installation shall apply
Yes, only if you have registered any other person with I-Track as an Authorized or Secondary User and he / she has the knowledge of the Password
By having one of the most reliable tracking systems, I-Track will do its best to recover your vehicle. However, sometimes there are certain circumstances which are beyond our control making it impossible to guarantee 100% recovery of your vehicle